(17.2) Study Leave

 (17.2.1) Sub: Grant of study Leave for higher studies in professional and other technical subjects.

 On an analysis of data received from the various Laboratories/Institutes of the CSIR, it has been found that a number of individuals among scientific and technical personnel possess inadequate academic qualifications.

There are certain professional examinations both in India and abroad (vide an illustrative list placed below) which could be passed by some of these officers, either without actual admissions in any College or University, etc. for coaching purposes or by part-time studies.  There are also other diplomas and degrees which can be obtained by undergoing regular courses of studies prescribed by various universities and other 'institutes both in India and in other countries which are recognised by the Government of India for appointment to superior services and posts.

In order to encourage such scientific and technical personnel to acquire higher scientific and technical qualifications of the nature mentioned above, it has been decided to grant in individual cases on merit, study leave (on half average pay) for a period not exceeding 24 months, provided that:-

a)    It is certified by the Director of the Laboratory/Institute concerned that the studies are of definite advantage to the work of the Laboratory/institute in which the person concerned is employed;

b)    in case of studies abroad, it is certified that facilities for the same are not available in India; 

c)    the person concerned executes a bond to serve the CSIR for a period of 3 years; and 

d)    other conditions laid down in the study leave rules of the Government of India will be applicable. 

This may kindly be brought to the notice of the Scientific and Technical personnel of Your Laboratory/Institute. 

(CSIR Letter No: 16(19)/61 -EI. dated: 12th Nov., 1971.) 

List of some of the qualification which can be obtained without physical attendance etc. both in India and abroad. 

1.       Associate Membership Examination Parts-II and III of the Aeronautical Society of India.

 2.       Graduate ship examination of the Institute of Telecommunication Engineer (India).

 3.       Final examination (recognised provisionally) of the Institution of Surveyors (India) in any of the following branches:-

 a)      Land Surveying

 b)      Hydrographic surveying.

 c)      Buildings, quantity and valuation surveying.

 4.   Sections A & B of the Associate Membership Examination of the Institution of Engineers (India).

 5.  Associate Membership Examination of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Calcutta.

 6.       Associate Membership Examination of the Indian Institute of Metals, Calcutta.

 7. City & Guilds College, Kensington# London        A.C.G.I.

 8.       Royal Aeronautical Society, London Associate Fellowship obtained after passing parts I, II and III of the Associate Fellowship Examination.

 9. Institution of Marine Engineers, London.                             Associate Membership. of the Institution of Marine Engineers, London.

 10. The Institute of Civil Engineers, London.       i)         Sections A&B

                                                                                     ii)          Parts I&II

 11. The Institution of the Mechanical Engineers,   London.     

    i)              Sections A & B

                         ii)             Parts 1 & 11

   iii)            Part 1 (Conducted Concurrently with Section A and Sec B.

                        iv)           Section A (conducted concurrently with Part I and Part.II.

 12.        The Institution of Electrical Engineers London.    

        i)             Sections A & B 

ii)        Parts 1, II and Ill

Graduate Membership Examination of the British Institute of Radio Engineers, London, (renamed as the Institution of Electronics and Radio Engineers from 1964). 

(17.2.2)    Sub: Grant of Study Leave to Scientist. 

The question of allowing scientific/technical employees who have been granted Study leave for acquiring higher Scientific and technical qualifications, to resume duties in the Laboratory/Institute

in between the completion of their studies during summer or other vacation etc., so as to get the benefit of full pay and allowances, has been examined in consultation with the Ministry of Finance and it has been decided that the employees concerned can not be allowed to resume duties before completion of the full course of Study for which the study leave was granted in any circumstances.  If they are allowed to do so or they resume duties for a short interval during vacation etc., the very purpose of the study leave will be defeated.

 (CSIR Letter No: 14/3/71-E.II, dated:29th Nov., 1976.)

 (17.2.3)    Sub: Grant of Study Leave 

                It has been observed for some time past that the National Laboratories/Institutes are sending proposals for grant of study leave for under graduate and graduate studies and/or academic/literary subjects such as B.Lib. Science etc. which is not permissible under the Rules.  It has accordingly been decided in consultation with I.F.A, that the requests for grant of study leave for prosecution of studies for academic or literary subjects will not be  entertained in future. The proposals for grant of study leave may please be sent to CSIR only after having satisfied that the course will be of definite advantage to the Council from the point of view of public interest and the subject is of direct and close relevance to the sphere of duty of the employee.  These instructions may kindly be followed scrupulously.

 (CSIR Letter No:5(17)/83-E.II, dated: 16th March, 1983.)

 (17.2.4) Sub: Grant of Study Leave to the Staff

 In future proposals for the grant of study leave to your officers may please be sent to this office in the proforma enclosed. 

CSIR Letter No:5(7)/83-E.II, dated:27th Dec., 1984.

 Form of application for grant of Study Leave   

1.       Name of the Officer & Designation.         

2.       Whether permanent or temporary. 

3.       Length of service in CSIR and date of initial appointment (specify posts held from time to time)

 4.       Period of Study Leave and date of Commencement.

 5.      Course of Study & Name of the University/Institution.  A copy of Admission certificate from University may be attached.

 6.     Study Leave/Special Leave, if any, sanctioned earlier with full particulars.

 7.     A certificate signed by the Director/Head of the Deptt. that the course of study is directly related with the Sphere of his/her duties in the Institute/Laboratory and shall be of definite advantage from the point of view of public interest (to be enclosed).

 8.     A certificate signed by the Director/Head of the Department to the effect that the Course of study shall enable the persons concerned to keep abreast with modem development in the field of his duty and competence and thus substantially benefit the Department (this certificate is required only when study relates to post graduate course).

 9.     In case study leave required for study course out of India, a certificate will be enclosed to the effect that adequate facilities for studies in the above subject do not exist in India or under any of the Schemes administered by the Department of Economics Affairs of the Ministry of Finance or by the Ministry of Finance.

 10. Whether any remuneration/stipend/Scholarship has been granted and if so full details thereof.

 11. A certificate from the Sr. Finance & Accounts Officer/Finance & Accounts Officer of the Lab./Instt. that the study leave is admissible to the officer concerned and that the proposal is in order.

Administrative Officer 

(17.2.5) Sub: Grant of study leave to the Administrative Staff for Prosecution of Higher Studies - Guidelines thereof.

 The question of grant of study leave to the Administrative Staff of the Labs./Instts. has been under consideration for some time past.  In order to examine the matter threadbare a Departmental Committee was constituted to go into the merits of the case and make recommendation.  On the recommendation of the said Committee, DGSIR has been pleased to approve that Administrative Staff of the Labs./lnstts. including CSIR Headquarters may be granted study leave in accordance with the provision of Rule of 50 of CCS(Leave) Rules for prosecuting the following specialised and professional courses:-

 1.       Computer Training Courses conducted by the Institution set up by Central or State Governments in the country.

 2.     MBA - For doing MBA grant of study leave may be restricted at the level of Section Officers and above.

 3. Chartered Accountancy.

 The quantum of leave in all the above cases will be restricted to as admissible under the@ rules and respective employee will have to avail of other kind of leave for completing any of the above courses, if the study leave so sanctioned to him falls short of duration of the course.  Each individual proposal in accordance with the above guidelines will be examined on merit and decided as such.

 (CSIR Letter No:5(7)/83-E.II(5), dated:21 st March, 1988.)